This decorative chaise was made in England during the first decade of the 20th Century. It is generally conceded that the Art Deco period was from 1920 – 1940 however preceding this period from about 1880 there were the Aesthetic and Arts and Crafts Movements in Britain. The design ethos was to borrow concepts from the past and modernise thus this time frame in furniture design is generally referred to as the start of the Modernist Design era.

 This chaise was constructed from Mahogany with decorative brass inlays but it had been poorly restored. Under instruction from our clients we stripped the upholstery back to the frame and properly repaired the fractured shaped timber rail using two-pack resin. We then stripped the existing polish which had previously been stained Jarrah with a gloss finish. The show-wood was then re-lacquered with a natural finish in a low sheen.

We then re-upholstered the chaise fitting new jute webbing, lacing coil springs then a hessian overlay. Our clients had a restricted budget so we then laminated firm premium cushioning over the tied hessian which gave an authentic finish and we are sure would be approved by the Modernists during its original construction. The fabric and gimp selected were in keeping with the era and gave a Modernist touch to the furniture keeping it reasonably authentic.

Our clients loved the finished piece in their turn of the century home and we trust they will enjoy living with this furniture for many years into the future.