Torrance & McKenna was founded by Andy Torrance and Allen McKenna commencing manufacturing high quality lounge furniture in 1939. Their business however was interrupted during the war years with both joining the armed forces. They recommenced operations from their factory in East Perth in 1945. Torrance & McKenna flourished for three decades during the boom years for local furniture manufacturers supplying the up-market Perth retailers with high quality custom-made lounge furniture.

The business was sold in 1975 to Gerry and Kath Edwards with their son John later taking over operations. Gerry had an intimate knowledge of the industry being the state manager for Wilson Fabrics, the distributer of Sanderson Linen. In 1979 Torrance & McKenna started selling direct into the market which was a good strategic move to maintain a reputation for quality as discount furniture was starting to dominate the local retail scene.

In 2002 Torrance & McKenna was purchased by Yogesh and Dina Shah. Yogesh having a degree in furniture design maintained the quality for which the business was renowned also introduced a re-upholstery service then shifted to a larger premises in Osborne Park. The business was subsequently purchased by an interior designer Deborah DeFiddes in 2018.

Our clients approached us by saying they loved their Torrance & McKenna lounge furniture which they had purchased in 1989 but it has just worn out due to heavy use over a thirty year period. They wanted to flash back thirty years with an identical suite.

Our clients were in luck as their suite was upholstered in a Sanderson Linen and this particular design was still available. We stripped back the existing upholstery to the frames, re-webbed the furniture then laminated high density padding to the body work and fabricated new polyester encased premium cushioning. The lounge suite was then re-upholstered to the original finish and our clients were absolutely delighted.