Tessa Furniture is an iconic name in Australian furniture manufacturing being a prolific name during the heydays of the local furniture industry. Although re-furbished mid-century modernist furniture with a Scandinavian influence is a niche market the interest not only resides with those who have been fortunate to have witnessed this period of design history. Some discerning members of the younger generations are purchasing or inheriting this furniture and having it restored.

As per the above photographs this lounge furniture is extremely well designed and soundly constructed. This lounge suite was originally purchased in 1972 and when the Tasmanian Blackwood timber is sanded and re-polished and with new webbing and cushioning when re-upholstered it looks amazing!

Tessa originally was known as Twen commencing operation in 1968 then changing name to Tessa in 1970. Tessa was formed by Fred Lowen, his brother Howard Lindsey and design technician Sigi Danielzik. Fred however commenced furniture manufacturing with Ernest Rodeck in the mid 1950’s having formed FLER which was sold in 1967. Tesssa expanded operations during the 1970’s to become a national operation with international links.