This chair is only two years old and looks like it has been in a war zone. It is well constructed however unfortunately covered in a polyurethane fabric which has been affected by hydrolysis. This is when body oils and perspiration leach between the top polyurethane film and the backing fabric resulting in delamination.

This has been a continual problem for many decades with laminated polyurethane fabrics thus the manufacturer, import wholesaler and retailer could only be labelled as blissfully ignorant if they were unaware of this issue.

This chair was re-upholstered in a commercial grade synthetic suede which will last for many years but also cost the client approximately 60% of the initial purchase price. This highlights the necessity for retail staff to be adequately trained and the necessary enforcement of consumer law. In this case as with so many the client was left holding the baby while the supply chain were left holding the profits.