French Style Chaise Lounge Origins

Today we commonly use the term ‘chaise lounge’ to describe a chair, sofa or part of a sectional modular lounge featuring a deep seat to which one can lay. However, this is a derivative of the original French term ‘chaise longue’ describing a long upholstered chair to support the legs of the sitter. Chaise longues sofas originated in France, produced by craftsman in the 1700’s using the most expensive materials for construction being for the wealthy to lay upon without having to retire to the boudoir. This style of furniture was first imported into England in the late 1700’s and over time the chaise longue sofa evolved through the various design eras to become part of the standard home décor. 

The Restoration of a Chaise Lounge Perth

Our Client’s Special Chaise Lounge

Our client was shifting house and decided to have her beloved chaise lounge restored for her new residence. She explained that it was purchased from a second hand furniture dealer in Perth during the early 70’s. This antique chaise lounge reminded her of a similar piece they sat on as children at their grandparent’s home in England. This chaise lounge was constructed in Jarrah so most likely locally made with the design suggesting it was most probably constructed in the 1920’s -30’s. 

How We Refurbished the Chaise Lounge

The client wanted a full refurbishment, so the existing upholstery was first removed. The frame joints were then repaired and an additional timber rail added during a previous re-upholstery was removed. Then it was sanded back with the indentations filled with resin and then again finely sanded. The Jarrah had bleached over time obviously having been exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight so the frame was stained Mahogany. Three coats of 50% gloss clear lacquer were then applied, gently rubbed down between coats.

 Our client was given various options regarding the reupholstery methods and selected for us to use modern methods to acquire a traditional finish. We used heavy-grade elastic webbing and then fitted upholstery edge moulding around the seat top and arm/back perimeters. Premium foam was then fabricated for the seat and double ends and glued into place.  Bonded polyester fibre overlays were also used for the outside arm/back panels lined and padded for a superior finish. 

The upholstery fabric selected by our client was a high quality plain crimson chenille which looked plush against the mahogany coloured show-wood. As most of the original upholstery was absent when we received this piece we had to take some liberty during the re-upholstery process including the finishing trim which we used self-covered banding then space studded. However, the result spoke for itself displaying that a high-quality traditional finish can indeed be achieved using modern upholstery methods. 

We’re sure this preloved chaise lounge will now stay in the family and be enjoyed for many years into the future.

I am extremely happy with my dealings with Parker Interiors

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I am extremely happy with my dealings with Parker Interiors. My precious sofa that has been abused by children, dogs, and all manner of ill treatment for the last 55 years, has been given a new lease of life. Profound gratitude to all concerned. Thankyou.
Mosman Park W.A

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